Saints Sandlot Ball (In-House)

Unfortunately, St Marys Saints do not currently offer in-house Saints Sandlot Ball. We will look to resume this competition in future seasons. 

Our in-house Saints Sandlot Ball is a modified form of the adult games of softball and baseball. It is aimed at boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 7.

Rules of Saints Sandlot Ball

For people with some knowledge of baseball or TeeBall, this is how Saints Sandlot Ball is modified:

  • Special soft-core ball used for training and Safety ball for games (safer than a tennis ball)
  • Base paths of 50’ (15.2m)
  • Overall field size of 110’ (33.5m)
  • All players bat each inning – no “3 outs”

Rules of Saints T-Ball

  • Each team will play a round robin competition over 10-12 weeks.
  • While outs are recorded and those players retired for the innings, 9 batters will bat at each batting innings.
  • Runs are tallied up including those runners left on base after the 9th batter has batted.

Objective is introducing the competitive game in a friendly format

Full rules can be found HERE

Additional modifications for Saints T-Ball

  • Minimum Team size of five = potentially no outfielders.
  • No outs recorded, every player gets to hit and run bases.
  • No need to tag on fly balls – just run on the hit
  • Non-competitive, focus is fun and development
  • 10 Week Program
  • A Parent Coach is attached to each group of Sandlot ballers (approx 7 max)
  • Parent-coaches need not know anything about teeball to begin
  • Tutors assist parent-coaches with drills, skill-coaching etc
  • A Tutor umpires each game.
  • Informal Setting
  • Minimal uniform (closed in joggers) Tee, Cap and black shorts supplied as part of fees.
  • No outside training required:– just show up & play on the day

How the game works

  1. Batters hit from a “tee”:- they do not have to hit a thrown (pitched) ball.
  2. After hitting, the batter runs to 1st base, or to 2nd or even to 3rd if the hit is good enough.
  3. The next batter does the same, and they all advance.
  4. A run is scored each time a player gets all the way around the bases and back to home.
  5. The defence (fielding side) tries to get the batters out by catching the ball on the full, or by fielding it and throwing to a base ahead of a runner or the batter.
  6. Each child gets a turn batting (about 6-8 minutes), and then the sides change over:- the fielding side has a turn batting.
  7. This keeps rotating until the game time is up. Every Player scores, there are no outs recoreded for Sandlot ball.

Event Structure

20-minute Clinic + 40-minute Game

The Clinic phase teaches basic skills and doubles as a warmup

Seasons are 10 weeks each

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