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Level O Umpires Course (Baseball)

The club fully subsidises the cost of attending such courses, so the only investment required for budding umpires is the time such courses take. Parents and eligible Junior Umpires, please take this opportunity to support the club by becoming qualified to umpire your child's games.

St Marys Saints Junior Umpire Program

Did you know that there are opportunities for junior Baseballers to become qualified umpires?

Baseballers who are eligible to play in U14 or U17 age divisions are invited to be part of this program, which involves receiving training (fully funded by the club), and being mentored by more senior umpires until such time as you can umpire your own games. Best of all, for every game you umpire throughout summers, you will receive $20 or a $10/$10 split if your sharing plate/Field Umpire duties.

Becoming an umpire will improve your knowledge and enjoyment of the game, and assists the running of competitions across the club. See here for details of upcoming courses.

Official Rules of Baseball

The Official Rules of Baseball form the foundation of what occurs every Saturday at Monfarville Reserve. The associations in which we compete vary rules in the interests of development and safety of our young players, but where no such variation exists, the following Australian Baseball Federation rules apply:

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